• Stars:

    4-star hotel

  • Price range

    From 100 € per night

  • Location

    Miklošičeva cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana

  • Rating

    Google rating: 4,5 (over 1k ratings)

    Booking rating: 9,0 (over 800 ratings)

    Our rating: [mr_rating_result]

  • Disance from center

    650 meters

One of the most luxurious Hotels in Ljubljana. Located in the center of Ljubljana next to Prešernov trg connecing pedestrian zone with road network which means you can easily drive away from the hotel entrance or enter the city center just by walking trough the doors of Grand Hotel Union.

One the one hand the Grand Hotel Union is accessible by car while on the other hand you can enjoy everything Ljubljana has to offer 100% on foot.

Ljubljana castle, triple brige, Prešernov trg, St. Nicolaus Church and other attractions are avaible within 5 minute walk on foot from Grand Hotel Union.

Book a business accommodation in Grand Hotel Union

One of the top luxury hotels in Ljubljana

Popular with celebrities, Ljubljana castle room view, underground garage, pools, …

In the center of Ljubljana

Grand Hotel Union is located in the center of Ljubljana, connecting pedestrian zone with road network.

Friendly and comfortable

Grand Hotel Union offers all and even more then you could epect. Fitness, Laundry, Sauna, steam room, spa, pool, …

Nearest to the Ljubljana Center

Grand Hotel Union is located 650 meters from center of Ljubljana. Hotel connects pedestrian zone with a road network.

Distance of Hotel Grand Union from the Ljubljana Airport is 16 miles (26 km).

Some hotel rooms offer a view of Ljubljana Castle and building bellow along with Ljubljanica river.

Bus stops are located few minutes away.

Grand hotel Union offers a large garage that is located  beneath the hotel.

Rooms in Grand hotel Union Ljubljana

The cheapest rooms in Grand hotel Union offers plenty of space, separate desks ant luxurious style. In every hotel room there is enough space for storage. Bathrooms are modern and contain bathtubs.

There is 173 rooms avaible in Grand Hotel Union. The most luxurios rooms offer a Ljubljana castle view.

Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana services

The Grand Hotel Union is prepared to host a president at each and every moment.

Friendly service and wide range of service options one cannot miss anything even the opposite. One could be surprised of how much suport and comfort can hotel offer.

Rarely for Ljubljana, there is a swimming pool, up on the top floor with an open terrace and views of the castle.

SAuna, massage rooms, gym (24/7), boutiques, ..

Friendly and highly professional staff!

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