Hotel Preddvor – Best Hotels & Appartments in Preddvor, Slovenia

In Preddvor you can find one hotel (Hotel Alma), one pension (B&B – Pension Zaplata) and several appartments and several rooms. If you are looking for a quality hotel then we reccommend guesthaus Urša (finest “hotel”quality & affrordable price, located by the lake). The most affordable accommodation in Preddvor is Seljak.

Lets see which accomation in PReddvor will suit your need and requirements the most.

Preddvor is a village in Slovenia located 30 kilometers (20 miles) from Ljubljana and 7 kilometers from Ljubljana Airport. It offers a really nice amnient to relax and enjoy the nature. It is an excellent location for hiking, paragliding (from Zaplata, Potoska gora, Krvavec) , mountain bike (Krvavec Bike park), swimming in Crnava lake, …

Preddvor offers a great place for retreat and active vacations. Depending on the purpose of your stay in Preddvor there are several accommodation options you can choose. In this article we will tell you all about Hotels in preddvor and choose the best option for you. When making the list of Hotels in Preddvor we were looking for the following factors:

  1. Location
  2. Quality (rooms)
  3. Food
  4. Price

Guesthaus Ursa – Top “mini” Hotel (Guesthas in Preddvor)

hotel preddvor

Our TOP choice in Preddvor is (mini Hotel) called Guesthaus Ursa. It’s brand new, rooms were built in June 2019. It offers about 5 rooms  which are beautiful. They offer private bathrooms, refrigerators and shared kitchen. You can eat & drink whenever and whatever you want since there is a Bar and Pizzeria in the same building. Guesthaus Ursa is located by the Lake Crnava and offer a beautiful mountain view. Prices are very affordable and regarding quality it offers the best room and general accomodation quality you can get in Preddvor. It’s an ideal choice for mountain bikers, paragliders, hikers, …

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hotel preddvor rooms 3 hotel preddvor rooms hotel preddvor rooms

Cheapest Accommodation in Preddvor

Accommodation Apartments Seljak is located in Preddvor. It offers free Wi-Fi and free bicycle rental.

hotel preddvor seljak appartments

This apartment features a balcony and views of the garden. Includes 2 bedrooms, living room, TV, equipped kitchen with refrigerator and oven, and 1 bathroom with bidet.

A buffet breakfast is served daily.

Guests can relax in the garden with barbecue facilities, while enjoying hiking and skiing in the surrounding area. This is probably the most affordable Accomodation in Preddvor.

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Pension Zaplata Preddvor (Tupalice) – our 2nd choice

hotel preddvor pension zaplata

Pension Zaplata is located few Kilometers outside of Preddvor. It is a frequent choice with travellers passing by Preddvor.

The family-run Penzion Zaplata is located in the Kokra Valley, only 30 minutes from Ljubljana. There is free transfer between the hotel and Jože Pučnik International Airport.

The puzzle has rooms with a balcony, which boast an unforgettable view of the Slovenian Alps from Krvavec in the east, to Triglav on the west side. The pension lies at the foot of the magnificent Kamnik-Savinja Alps. From here you can go skiing in Krvavec Ski Center, mountaineering, mountain biking, hiking, fishing and hunting. You can rent a car and explore Slovenia.

Our last Choice – Hotel Alma Preddvor

Often guests are disappointed with accommodation in Hotel Alma due to poor room and service quality and outdated infrastructure.

hotel preddvor Alma

Hotel Alma Preddvor (Hotel grad hrib) is actually the only real Hotel in Preddvor. It offers probably the best location in Preddvor (With which only Guesthaus Ursa is comparable). But unfortunate that is all. Often guests are disappointed with accommodation in Hotel Alma due to poor room and service quality and outdated infrastructure. That is why we do not recommend it.

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About Preddvor

Lying under the steep slopes of Storžič, in a safe shelter below Zaplato, where the Kokra river exits the gorge, surrounded by four castles, lies Preddvor. We can proudly call it the Palace of a quiet nature.

For more than nine centuries, Preddvor has been decorated in the background as a mighty mountain scenery.

 … which will give the visitor the desire to climb to the visitor. Storžič, a striking dual-track with a characteristic primitive shape, Kališče, a very popular hill that regularly hosts mountaineers or a grassy plateau with the mysterious cloth of the forest in the middle, which we call the Hudičkov Boršt, as well as many churches on the hills underneath, glitteringly reflects our beautiful image on the surface of Lake Crnava.

Access to the peaks is from multiple directions. The most famous starting point on Storžič is over Kališče from the village of Mače, and on Storžič you can ascend from Bašelj. Far behind is visible Zaplata – the hill between Storžič and Potoška gora, which is noticeable mainly due to the characteristic forest in the middle of the slopes. It is accessible from the Sword or across the hill of St. Jakob, Potoska Gora and Javorov vrh. Many locals as well as other visitors regularly climb to St. Jakob, a hill, from which it can be seen far to the level of Kranj and, of course, to the surrounding peaks.

The most agreeable route to St. Jakob leads from Preddvor, past the castle Turn to Podak, and then through the forest to the church on the top which preserves the Romanesque architecture in the ship. You can enjoy yourself in the cabin of the cottage or in the cottage in France. More demanding mountaineers can continue the path to Potoška gora and Javorov vrh, …

Top tourist spot, Lake Crnava

The most visited tourist spot in Preddvor is Lake Crnava, which reflects on its blue-green surface all the surrounding beauty. In the shelter of many trees, you can refresh your mind and fill the body with energy, because the beautiful calm nature offers you a relaxed walk around the lake. Along the Castle of Hrib, along the Črnava lake, the autumn promenade, known as the newlyweds of the newlyweds, is growing, and the walk through it gives you 50 years of loyalty and love.

Castles and churches in Preddvor

Preddvor, the courtyard of peaceful nature, lies between the four castles. At the lake there is already mentioned the castle of Hrib, and in the vicinity of it there is a mirror in the distance near the village Potoče grad Turn, once inhabited by our first poet, writer and composer Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska. Today, it offers shelter and stay to the elderly inhabitants of nearby and further surroundings. If we take a walk on the path to St. To Jakob, to the left of it on the hill, we find the ruins of the Least Castle. In the midst of the municipal core lies the castle of Preddvor just next to the parish church of St. Peter.

Medieval Churches

They are very interesting, and they directly call for a visit, branch churches in the surrounding villages. On the hill there is a church of St. Lenart, whose ambient is the best preserved medieval element in Gorenjska and Slovenia. Above the village of Mače lies the church of St. Miklavž, frescoes in the interior are one of the most important monuments of the so-called soft style in the Gothic wall painting in Slovenia. In the Tupaliči, the church of St. Klemen, the most beautiful attraction is the golden altar from the late 17th or early 18th century. Above Bašlelj is the church of St. Lovrenc, decorated with frescoes on the western ships’ wall with the scene of the Triad of the Three Kings and the work of Friulian masters from the beginning of the 15th century. At Sveti Petar, on the beautiful viewpoint at the top of the hill, there is the church of Sv. Miklavža, from where the view opens to the valley of the river Kokra

Activites in Preddvor

Preddvor is the goal of many visitors. It is beautiful and admirable in every season, whether it be when we climb to the tops above it or when we walk around the area. Take a walk through the forest learning path, starting in the middle of Preddvor, where you will also greet the gigantic sequoia. Shooting from Lake Crnava takes you to Draga, where it is on the right, and on your left side you can climb your climbing skills on the natural wall. An unforgettable walk to Castle Turn takes you to a visit to Josipina, become in its shade where Josipina Turnograjska created beautiful beautiful works:

We are convinced that you will not leave an empty heart from us and anyone who can admire nature in Preddvor – Dvor mirno nature definitely returns.