cheap hotels in ljubljana that are not in ljubljana

Cheap Hotels in ljubljana on Trip Advisor and Booking are actually not in Ljubljana

Booking and trip advisor offer a list of cheap hotels in Ljubljana. Altough there are some cheap hotels in Ljubljana on these lists, there are some hotels that are pretty far from Ljubljana.

What causes missunderstanding here is the fact that Slovenia and Ljubljana are small. If one searches for hotels in Munich and sees that hotel is located for example 7 miles from center, this means that this is near center and the road network is center-like. Which means there are buses, subways, …, pedestrian zones near and you can actually walk to center and around. Also centers of big cities are larger.

In Ljubljana center is like 2 miles radius. Everything that is located out of this radius is in the suburb area. That means that walking on foot from hotel outside Ljubljana to center is not pleasant at all. There is heavy traffic around you, concrete, …

People in Slovenia are using cars and public transport to reach Ljubljana center if they are more than 2 miles away.

Hotel Medno is for exxample located in Medvode, which is outside Ljubljana. You can reach Ljubljana center from hotel Medno by train (train station is 1 mile away from hotel) or by bus (bus station is a bit closer). You can also use taxz service. But there is no way to walk from medno to Ljubljana because there is not even a sidewalk.

Terme Snovik are definetly not a hotel in Ljubljana. Hotel Terme Snovik are located about 25 miles from Ljubjana, but … If you want to drive from Terme Snovik to Ljubljana you need to pass local roads first, highway, suburb traffic in Ljubljana and then find parking in Center. If you want to use public transport to reach Ljubljana from Terme Snovik, it’ll take you at least 1 hour and 40 minutes. 

Next case is Hotel Stil Ljubljana. It is located 4 miles from Ljubljana center which would seem to someone that this is almost in the center of Ljubljana, but it is not so. It is in a village. Little houses, fields, farms and a road. However you can reach Ljubljana center pretty fast either by car either by train it will not take you more than 10 minutes.

We recommend all of these hotels, also the location. Hotels are nice and location is perfect, nature, views, air, water, … But this is not Ljubljana.

In Ljubljana there are few cheap hotels. These are mostly hostels but there are also hotels. Let’s see which hotels are cheap and are actually in Ljubljana.